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Welcome to the official website for Xpert Nutrition. My name is Kevin and I am the owner and founder of Xpert Nutrition Inc., a company dedicated to assisting its customers achieve their health and nutritional goals through education and free one-on-one consultation. I have been involved in the nutritional supplement industry for over 20 years and have a passion for helping and motivating others. Please allow me to make that experience work for you and set the record straight on which supplements are effective, safe and appropriate for your goals.

Xpert Nutrition's commitment to our customers is evidenced by our staff. All employees are required to have in-depth knowledge of nutrition and supplementation and have a nationally accredited personal training certification. This standard of employment ensures a better experience for our customers and assists them in making more "informed" choices when selecting a supplement.

This practice has given my business overwhelmingly positive feedback and support from the surrounding community as it becomes increasingly more difficult to make these informed choices with the myriad of products, supplements and exercise equipment thrown at consumers through the medium of hype-driven ads and late-night infomercials. Unfortunately, most of these ideas are simply garbage and do nothing more than to confuse the average consumer and take their money.

Thanks for visiting our site and feel free to call or email us so we may offer you our professional assistance in finding the product that is right for you.

Gretchen Coley, Creator of "6 FIX," Transformation Specialist,
Master Trainer & Certified Nutritionist

Gretchen Coley is a wife and mother of three who struggled to lose weight after giving birth to twins. During this time she discovered her personal passion for fitness and desire to live a healthier lifesytle. After losing over 40 lbs with consistent diet and exercise she decided to compete in her first Bikini competition in May 2009. She instantly feel in love with being on stage and in only 18 months of training she won the title Ms. Bikini Universe. She then went on to win her WBFF Pro Card.

Gretchen's passion for health and wellness led her to become certified as a Master Trainer and Nutritionist. She has dedicated the last 5 years of her life to learning about nutrition and how the body uses nutrients for fuel.

Gretchen's story has been featured in Natural Muscle, Oxygen and Ultra Fit Magazine. Her struggles and successes continue to inspire people from all walks of life and to help them reach their full potential.

As a Contest Champion,Transformation Specialist, Master Trainer & Certified Nutritionist, when you see "Gretchen Approved" you know that it is a testament to the effectiveness & quality of the products carried at Xpert Nutrition!


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